The Woman’s Industrial Exchange opened 130 years ago to provide a forum for women to showcase and sell their domestic arts. It was a place where war widows went to make extra money to support their families by capitalizing on the talents that so many women have never been paid for. Since then the Exchange has been a place that galvanized our City around the central notion that the feminine arts are fabulous. Handcrafted objects have VALUE.

People went to the Kitchen for an honest meal served by a feisty but motherly woman. The food was a celebration of homecooking and the environment was reminiscent of the very best memories of one’s own home kitchen. It was a place where regulars were thankful for the consistency of great food and tourists sought out for the experience. This vision ended in 2002.

The new Woman’s Industrial Kitchen opened in the Fall of 2011. It restores the flavor and feeling of the Woman’s Industrial Kitchen. We offer the very best of home inspired comfort food. You will be served by the sassiest women I know. You will sit seeped in the history of famous and average women who have triumphed in the home, work and communities. We celebrate home economics and the power of positive thinking.

The Woman’s Industrial Kitchen is owned by me, Irene Smith. I am a mother, wife, sister, daughter, lawyer, professor, teacher, coach and Souper Freak’s Food Truck owner/operater with a dream. I feel like my entire life has prepared me to carry the honor of reopening this historic restaurant and building a cultural legacy for the women of this community. I seek to make my grandmother, mother, sister, nieces and daughters proud. I promise to use my fullest energy and talents to making the Woman’s Industrial Kitchen a point of pride for all of Baltimore. Thanks for being part of the legacy.